EPPP Materials for sale 2011 (AATBS) Like new babied, no marks, and/or highlighting

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EPPP Materials for sale 2011 (AATBS) Like new babied, no marks, and/or highlighting

Post  wickerparker on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:14 am

I just passed EPPP (Jan 2013) and figure i pass all my materials forward on the cheap. I have about 1200.00 dollars worth of material and am selling it all for 300.00...

2011 (71st Series) AATBS study materials for sale. Very thorough and comprehensive review, helped me to pass on the first try as I stuck to the materials. Relied entirely on my materials and their schedule and it flowed pretty well, curbing the crazy stress of it all.

*Complete set of 6 books:
Volume I- Overview & Orientation, Ethics Manual
Volume II- Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology
Volume III- Lifespan Development, Learning Theory, CBT, Memory & Forgetting
Volume IV- Physiological Psych & Psychopharmacology, Social Psychology
Volume V- Industrial/Organizational Psych, Psych Assessment
Volume VI- Statistics & Research Design, Test Construction
Flash cards DSM and pathology
*All of my notes and
*Accompanying CDs which cover all domains
*CD study helper guide
*Workshop book from a 3day weekend (which was very helpful)
*Practice tests which also helped

Audio CD list
1. Introduction. 2. Test Taking Strategies. 3. Ethics. 4. Clinical Psychology I. 5. Clinical Psychology II. 6. Diagnosis and Psychopathology I. 7. Diagnosis and Psychopathology II. 8. Learning Theory/ Behavior Therapy. 9. Neuropsychology. 10. Social Psychology. 11. Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. 12. Developmental Psychology I. 13. Developmental Psychology II. 14. Research Design and Statistics I. 15. Research Design and Statistics II. 16. Correlation and Test Construction I. 17. Correlation and Test Construction II.

More importantly, good luck to all of you who are studying for this beast. Last mountain to climb!!!


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