2009 AATBS Fall Platinum Package for Sale!

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2009 AATBS Fall Platinum Package for Sale!

Post  jrmcmanus on Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:07 pm

I used these materials (along with AATBS Testmaster) and successfully passed on the first try by a comfortable margin (>650).
**All materials are very gently used

Six Comprehensive Study Volumes (sold by AATBS for $229)
Content Areas Covered in the Six Comprehensive Study Volumes (includes paper/pencil practice tests on content at the end of each section)
Ethics and Professional Issues
Abnormal Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Learning Theory and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies - NEW Revisions, Fall 2009
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Physiological Psychology and Psychopharmacology
Life Span Development
Statistics and Research Design
Test Construction
Social Psychology
Psychological Assessment

Original Handouts of Materials Given during AATBS 4-day Live Workshop in 2010 (includes notes that I took as well during workshop)
Ethics and Professional Issues Workshop Handout
Abnormal Psychology Workshop Handout
Industrial-Organizational Psychology Workshop Handout
Lifespan Development Workshop Handouts
Learning Theory, Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions, and Memory and Forgetting Workshop Handout
Physiological Psychology and Psychopharmacology Workshop Handout
Statistics and Research Design Workshop Handout
Test Construction Workshop Handout
Exam Strategies Workshop Handout

Workshop Volume (from April 2010) - An additional volume of material that includes over 100 additional sample exam questions only given at the workshop

Content Summary Audio CD Library (sold by AATBS for $210)
The Content Summary CD Library includes 10 CDs that provide a review of key concepts from the 11 content domains addressed by the EPPP

Color-Coded Flashcards (sold by AATBS for $110)
**All flashcards are in like-new condition except for the abnormal ones that my puppy got a hold of. They are, however, readable, just gently used by puppy teeth Smile

Exam Strategies Package
Exam Strategies Book and Three Readiness CDs
Disc 1: Strategies for Approaching the EPPP
Disc 2: Gaining control over your anxiety
Disc 3: Preparing your mind and body for success

Self-Paced Workshop Binder
The binder contains study outlines for all of the test areas PLUS quizzes with12-14 practice test questions in each section: 115 EXTRA PRACTICE QUESTIONS

Items from Previous Examinations (ASPPB) (sold for $37.50 from ASPPB website)

I paid full price for materials new from AATBS for $1999.00 in November 2009 and am asking $550 + shipping. I prefer paypal.
Please email me at jrmcmanuspsyd@gmail.com
Jessica McManus
San Diego, CA


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